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New requirements for workspaces are leading to new expectations from end-users, who want their workplace to be more modular, central, flexible and hybrid. These changes have been accentuated by the health crisis, which has prompted 85% of companies to change the way they work. With the development of telecommuting and new forms of hybrid working, offices need to be seen as a destination rather than an obligation. And that’s where Waitack comes in.

The experience of development and its challenges

In 2002, Rémi Mangin and Michel Ciucci created Facilitem, which later became CDB . Since then, their value proposition is based on an intimate understanding of their clients’ issues. Their creativity and their ability to anticipate allow them to project organizational changes into their workspaces. For 20 years, they have been pushing and supporting all innovations in order to support and anticipate business challenges.

Birth of Workplace Empowerment

Today, we want to empower workspaces by giving freedom to the entire office real estate value chain to build, design, manage and occupy them. We call this discipline Workplace Empowerment.

The Workplace Empowerment is above all more than 5 years of development and sociological studies and 25 years of experience in space planning and office real estate. But it’s also 3 years of cutting-edge research in mathematics and artificial intelligence to shape the future of workspaces.

Waitack is above all a multidisciplinary team, with unique skills, dedicated to the future of workspaces.

The team

Michel Ciucci

Michel Ciucci


Michel Ciucci is the co-founder of CDB, the independent leader in space planning for 20 years. Today, he puts his 30 years of financial and strategic management experience at Waitack’s service, as well as consulting in the development of tertiary space.

Cyril Hadji-Thomas

Cyril Hadji-Thomas

Chief Executive Officer (Directeur Général)

Cyril Hadji-Thomas has been leading technology and software companies for 20 years. More particularly in the fields of real estate, e-Commerce and media. Engineer, graduate of Centrale Paris and AgroParisTech, he is also specialized in Applied Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence.

Christopher Costantini

Christopher Costantini

Chief Technical Officer

Christophe Costantini is an Industrial Engineer by training. He was a project manager and then a programmer before designing the Workplace Experience solution. He now puts his 20 years of experience in building technologies and space planning at the heart of the platform’s intelligence.

Benoit Mesognon

Benoit Mesognon

Chief Scientific Officer

Benoît Mesognon is at the origin of the AI algorithms and models that are at the heart of Waitack’s innovation.
He is an Engineer and Mathematician from the Ecole Normale Supérieur in Paris. He is mainly specialized in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Namely the resolution of extremely complex problems. For example, the design of automated plans, the automatic recommendation of solutions or even the optimization of complex graphs.

Axel Everart de Velp

Axel Everarts of Velp

Lead Developer

Axel de Velp has contributed to the development of solutions for sectors as varied as the media, the mobility of people and also the distribution of cultural products. He also brought his rich and unique experience in software design within R&D teams. He now leads the Waitack development teams.

Maxime Leclaire

Maxime Leclaire

Lead Project Manager

Maxime Leclaire is an engineer specializing in construction and building modeling (BIM). Among other things, he has extensive experience in technical project management. Particularly between users of buildings, building trades as well as with architecture and design teams.

Alexandre Butin

Alexandre Butin

Consultant Chercheur

Alexandre Butin is a doctoral student in sociology at IDHES. His subject of study focuses on the sociology of professional groups. More particularly architects and office planners. He is also the author of numerous articles on the impact of the development of workspace and on the other hand on real estate issues in business. Finally, he leads Waitack’s consulting missions with its clients.

Alexandre Butin

Francis Beuzon

Senior Developer

Francis is a computer engineer from SupInfo Paris. He rounded out his development skills by working for companies specializing in various sectors (oil industry, dating sites, transport, etc.). He joins the development team as a senior developer, working on the interface for solutions developed by Waitack.

Alexandre Butin

Gorge Valdez


Gorge studied computer science at the University of Zulia in Venezuela and began his professional career as a web developer in Latin America. After living in Chile for 5 years, he decided to move to France to work with the Waitack teams as a developer.

Alexandre Butin

Chloe Kettaneh

Workspace Consultant

Chloé studied in Canada and Spain. She developed her skills in operational marketing and market analysis while working for Nestlé and L’Oréal. At Waitack, she is involved in the company’s sales development and customer relationship management on the international market.

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