Augmented intelligence for Office Real Estate

Waitack provides the most powerful AI driven decision making solution to create space planning, feasibility studies and zonings, for Real Estate Project.

Augmented intelligence for Office Real Estate

Waitack is a platform dedicated to decision making for office real estate. Thanks to AI, in a matter of minutes, it lets you build full fledged space planning scenarios that you can compare and change. It helps achieving financial, environmental and use performances for the future of workspaces.

5 seconds

to generate an optimized space planning

6 years

of R&D on technology, Artificial Intelligence and the sociology of work

5 Millions

of square meters per month of space planning generated on average

Waitack is an online decision-making platform dedicated to the Office Real Estate market.

Augmented intelligence makes it possible to anticipate, simulate and optimize office buildings and share the results with all the stakeholders.

Real estate investors
Asset managers
Local authorities
Space planners
Project managers
Workplace consultants
End users

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